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How to choose the filter

Specific filter gap at home and abroad? In fact, a lot of people think good abroad are relatively blind, after all, these products can be produced qualified are qualified products. General than domestic and abroad is a good product quality, but these are not a problem, such as a lot of people can be at home now to buy genuine goods abroad, foreign trade nowadays can buy materials home and abroad because of China's demand for large so the price may be relatively cheaper. And I believe that this craft is not differ too much. After all, there are many manufacturers choose and foreign cooperation both at home and abroad gap is not that far. But actually by some foreign supermarkets to domestic we'll find a lot of gap not imagine mainly for the domestic industry, resulting in the actual gap is not so big. After all, too many things need to consider the cost and some value. As some high-end machinery is good technology abroad is very good but not usually sold to domestic, and domestic use are relatively less of the machine and the machine is not so difficult for domestic research and development technology can quickly follow. This is a real problem is, after all, if sell the most advanced things but they have no advantage. Talked too much don't believe that everybody should know how to choose