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The influence of economic boost for the filter

National economy increase costs for filter industry, and can say is actually closer to one of the strengths of the filter at home and abroad enterprises, seemingly good is really a good news?

Actually small make up think it is a bad news, because the increase of national economy, it will pull some high level of consumption. The car before the average household can only look up to the existence of are now become transport considerations. This increased the demand of the filter, it will attract more foreign enterprises with strength to enter the domestic market, and accelerate the development of filter industry.

Small make up think the next few years is a test for local filter is domestic enterprises, or increasing research funding innovation and to narrow the gap with foreign enterprises. Or cooperation mode of domestic enterprises to provide market, foreign enterprises to provide technical cooperation mode.

If is IV standard is the government improve the quality of filter of the enterprise, the increase of the national economy is the social demand for filter enterprises improve the quality of a